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The concept for Haiku first come out of a discussion with Dr. Jay Wentworth (Watauga College, Appalachian State University) about how poetry and photography might fit together. The project was undertaken by starting with each photograph and then writing the poem which would accompany it. These poems are not written to describe or define the photographs, but to take a different perspective than that which is found in the image

This body of work contains no actual haiku, which is a Japanese form of poetry traditionally rendered in English with three lines of five, seven, and five syllables respectively. However, the essence of haiku may be lost in English since the characters and syllables are not equivalent symbols. A Japenese haiku is a spontaneous observation of one or two events. One way to capture this spontaneity in English is to join two observations with “as” or “while” and then let the two events unite into a metaphor in the observer's mind. My goal is to create that sense of spontaneity and fresh possibilities by letting the photo be one observation to be experienced simultaneously. The remaining insight is left to you, the viewer.